How do I use the site?

  • When you visit Ytsub, click on the “Login/Register” link in the top header menu.
  • You are then required to log into your Google (YouTube) account. Once you log into your account, simply accept the app permissions and you will be directed to your member’s portal.

Please note: we do not obtain your login information or have any access to your YouTube account whatsoever. Your account can safely use Ytsub without any worry of Ytsub or another party obtaining access.

When you are in the member’s portal, you are presented with 4 Ytsub plans, which include Basic, Starter (Most Popular), Enterprise and Celebrity. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you may decide to go with a Free plan or for a small monthly fee, go with a paid plan such as the Enterprise or Celebrity plan.

How safe is Ytsub?

Is my account login information stored on Ytsub?

Free Plan Details (Basic Plan)

Free Plan Details (Starter Plan)

I try to activate a plan, but the system won't let me subscribe to channels.

How do I cancel my free (Basic or Starter) plan?

Enterprise & Celebrity Plan Details (Paid Plans)

I activated the Enterprise or Celebrity plan, but my subscription is not active.

I activated the Enterprise & Celebrity plan less than 24 hours ago and have not received any subscribers yet.

My subscribers are unsubscribing. What is happening?